Silent Disco’s 

Let’s Just Imagine are excited to offer Silent Disco’s – an exciting opportunity for individuals to enjoy a choice of music at their own sound volume and try to guess what everyone else is listening to from their dance moves!!!

Inclusive and accessible activity, enabling all to enjoy music and dancing 

Let’s Just Imagine are able to support parties, celebrations and events with a Silent Disco, bringing the music and party to you with experienced facilitators who will ensure the Silent Disco is a success.

There is also the opportunity to dry hire the head sets and equipment from Let’s Just Imagine, add your own music and party. 

In 2019 Let’s Just Imagine held Silent Disco’s and attended events hosted by other organisations to deliver Silent Disco parties

In 2020 we are excited to explore opportunities to take Silent Disco’s forward and extend their reach.

If you are interested in having a Silent Disco please email to explore